Humic Acid

The deterioration of soil fertility is observed all over the world. So more and more attention focuses on such agrarian technologies which permit the growth of agricultural products without lowering the content of humus in the topsoil. One of the methods of retaining fertile top soil is the use of humined mineral fertilizer.

Organic-mineral fertilizers based on sapropelic* humic acid are supposed to be one of the richest sources of active substances. (in comparison with other humic acids)

* Lake sapropel as the source of humic acid in comparison with other sources is richer in H, N, O. It is a very active absorbent (functional group is COOH and OH in sum 550-800 milligram-equivalent of dry substance.) In addition it has long-term effects, doesn’t wash out health-giving substances and creates conditions encouraging the appearance of new ones.

The main advantages of the application of humined mineral fertilizers:

  1. The application rate of such kinds of fertilizers is reduced up to 20-30% in comparison with traditional mineral fertilizers.
  2. The assimilation of mineral fertilizers improves because they are shifted into an active form.
  3. Biochemical composition improves as well. It encourages the production of ecologically clean products of high quality, capable of long-term storage.
  4. Due to the partial alteration of the granule surface structure, the risk of the small parts whirling and settling decreases as does caking.
  5. Plants become resistant to adverse conditions, pests and diseases.
  6. The effect of microorganisms in the soil becomes more active; the composition of the soil improves increasing humus content.
  7. The amount of chlorophyll and the productivity of photosynthesis increase. It leads to the enhancement of growth, raising the level of the crop yield and reducing the ripening time.
  8. The redox process in the cells is stimulated. This leads to the acceleration of the seedlings’ germination and the growth rate of germs.

How will the producer of mineral fertilizers be able to benefit by establishing the output of humined mineral fertilizers?

  1. Global trends of growing agricultural products lead to gradual replacement of traditional mineral fertilizers with organic-mineral complexes. Thus the producers who start manufacturing such kinds of products ahead of their competitors will have a time advantage.
  2. The reduction of the application rate per hectare of such types of fertilizers leads to a reasonable increase of the sales price of these products by 10% minimum while increasing cost price by 3%.
  3. The usage of such kinds of products is preferred when manufacturing the complex fertilizing mixture and complex mineral fertilizers.

“Natural Resources” company is pleased to announce the development of the technology of humined organic mineral fertilizer.

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