Rizotorphin is an effective and environmentally friendly microbiological preparation applied to increase the productivity, quality of green weight (alfalfa, clover) and legumes (beans, soybean, string beans, peas, lentil, peanut).

The basis of Rizotorphin is natural strain Rizobium sp. Bacteria. One gramme of preparation contains 2-4 billion bacteria.

Rizotorphin provides nitrogen required for normal growth and development of plants. It improves quality of production due to the increase of the contents of protein by 0,5-3,0% and vital amino acids (by 15-30%). It is recommended to handle seeds with Rizotorphin just before planting because nodulating bacillas on the surface of seeds can’t be active long. After 5-6 hours from application the quantity of bacillas is twice less.

Application of Rizotorphin economizes 30-70% of nitrogen fertilizer.