Microbiological preparation “Rizoagrin” is an effective ecologically safe means of increasing productivity and quality of winter and summer grain.

The basis of “Rizoagrin” is the selected «friendly» to plants natural strain of rhizobacteria Agrobacterium radiobacter which occupy pre-root areas of plants and a the surface of roots of agricultural crops.

Agrobacteria radiobacter provide nitrogen from atmospheric air to plants for nourishment, generate natural antibiotics against pathogenic fungus and bacteria, oust pathogenic bacteria, depriving them of food and vital space and secrete growth-stimulated substances and vitamins.

“Rizoagrin” will replace the application of 100…150 kg/ha of ammoniac saltpeter or 20…30 t/ha manure, and also 50…80 kg/ha of phosphate, i.e. expenses for a system of fertilizing will decrease at least 3-4 times, not including a decrease in expenses for the petroleum-oil lubricants, application and transportation of fertilizers.