Mizorin is a bacterial preparation based on a highly effective strain of associative diazotrophs Athrobacter mysorens. It is an ecologically safe biopreparation of complex action which allows an increase in the crop yield and improves the quality of fodder crops (perennial grasses, sorghum), spring wheat, sunflower, potato.

One gramme of the preparation contains 5-10 milliard selected soil bacteria which exist in natural agrophytocenosis.

Mizorin (Athrobacter mysorens):

  • provides nitrogen from atmospheric air to plants for nourishment
  • accelerates the plant growth
  • increases nodules on the roots on the leguminous crops
  • prevents the development of phytopathogenic
  • improves the structure and fertility of the soil.

The use of Mizorin saves 25-30% of mineral nitrogen fertilizers.