Flavobacterin is a bacterial preparation based on a highly effective strain of associative diazotrophs (Flavobacteria).

Associative diazotrophs form active associations with plants. They are capable of fixing air nitrogen and turning it into easily assimilated forms of combinations containing nitrogen. They produce physiologically active substances (cytokines, auxins, gibberellins) and possess high competitiveness and fungistatic activity against phytopathogenic microflora.

Flavobacterin increases the yield and improves the quality of grain, vegetable crops and potato:

  • increases the yield of winter and spring wheat by 0.3-0.8 t/ha,
  • fodder grasses — by 1.5-1.8 t of hay per ha,
  • sugar beet — by 5-8 t/ha (sugar content is increased by 0.5-1.0%),
  • sunflower — by 0.2-0.4 t/ha (oil content is increased by 1.5-2%),
  • potato — by 6-8 t/ha (ascorbic acid content is increased by 15-20%, starch — by 1.5-2%),
  • tomato, cabbage — by 2-6 t/ha.

By its action a hectare dose of the preparation equals 30-50 kg/ha of mineral nitrogen, which makes it possible to reduce the fertilizer doses and obtain ecologically clean products.