Bangalore 2014

Russian agricultural technologies have entered the international market and are becoming more and more popular. One of the largest exhibitions on agriculture “Agritech India”, held on the 22nd-24th of August in Bangalore, confirmed this. “Natural Resources” along with other world leading companies represented their products and technologies there at the exhibition. Farmers from Karnataka, Maharashtra, Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Madhya Pradesh were interested in working with the organic-mineral highly concentrated liquid fertilizer called Wealth offered by “Natural Resources”. We are expecting more than 50 trials to be held in southern states of India after the exhibition.

Lucknow 2014

In comparison with Agritech India, where “Natural Resources” company participated 3 times, it was our first time in Lucknow, Agri Fest India. The inauguration of the exhibition was done by Dr. Rudra Pratap, Director of the Department of Animal Husbandry, Government of Uttar Pradesh. Our stall was kindly visited by Dr. Rudra Pratap. Thanks to the farmers’ attention to our stall and highly professional work by our partners “3S Agrotech Pvt. Ltd.”, “Natural Resources” won a prize of Best Foreign Participant.


“Natural Resources” together with our partners held several seminars in Hubli (Karnataka) and Pune (Maharashtra). These seminars started with a presentation of the organic-mineral highly concentrated liquid fertilizer Wealth produced by “Natural Resources”. The farmers who had already tried Wealth showcased their results at the seminar. Each guest could buy the fertilizer there or take a small sample to try and see the effectiveness for themselves. We are sure that these seminars, with their friendly and hearty atmosphere, will become a tradition in India.

Enjoy farming

The employees of “Natural Resources” enjoy visiting Indian farmers: “We highly appreciate the possibility to visit farms. We are more than happy to be involved in farmers’ everyday life. Our target is to help each farmer to get better results in growing crops. Thus, we’ve hired several agronomists in different states of India who, together with the employees of Natural Resources, visit farms and support the farmers if required”. Aleksandr Egorov (general director)