About company

LLC “Natural Resources” is Russia’s leading producer, supplier and exporter of a wide range of agricultural products.

We are a manufacturer of unique agroproducts for plants and animals based on sapropelic humic acid. “Natural Resources” has its representative offices in several regions in Russia and is opening its branch offices abroad.

Our products are created by Nature from the heart of the virgin lakes of Russia.

Our mission is to turn natural resources into the good for the Earth and mankind.

“Natural Resources” company is established to:

  • Contribute to economic development of agriculture in Russia and all over the world
  • Provide environmentally friendly technologies
  • Be a reliable and stable supplier of goods for agriculture in the world market

            The unique combination of engineering capability, scientific potential and longstanding experience of fertilizer production allows our company to be a leading company not only in Russia but also all over the world.

The way we work:

            A high level of professionalism and the quality of the products produced and supplied by our company allow us to find an efficient and economical solution for every farmer. We provide a service of agro consultancy which helps our customers to get more benefits while growing with Natural Resources.

Meeting the needs of customers is a main motto of our reliable and proficient managers.

            The company includes finance, sales, international development, logistics and quality control departments. The specialists of the departments study at different courses to be able to provide better service to our customers.